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Friday, June 27, 2008

In my last post i mentioned that we were expecting some very important people this week. Well, most important...according to Isaac is this little man: His big cousin (4 months older), Mr. L. My mom and I have been talking forever about getting some portraits done of this dude (to match Isaac's from mother's day) here are the fruits of our labor...

Ok, ok....he was pretty much done here

Isaac was so excited to for once to not be in front of the camera...he happily sat in his Pack'n'Play and watched while Mr. L modeled for us. BUT, of course what's a family photo session with Isaac not involved...and so we thought we'd grab a few of the two of them together...

Here they are...isaac with his usal "OOOOh" face and L, thinking..."hmm, not sure about this guy"

Happily playing with what's left of Grandmas' roses
Uhhh, yea, this was pretty much the last shot of the day
Mr. L: "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!"
Isaac: "Calm down man, photo shoots are a daily thing around here...get used to it!"
Thanks for visiting everyone. You know what i decided after this little session...that J and I SERIOUSLY need to photograph some girls. We've been on a major 'boy' streak latley. I want to bust out my tutu's, flowers and fun hats!

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