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Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's amazing how much a year can change someone! They went from trying to be super cool and not smile last year to totally and completely hamming it up for me this year!!! And it was F.U.N!

Let me backtrack a bit....those that have been following V&J for some time, you'll definitely recognize these lovely girls from years past. Our cousins from LA, our flower and ring girls at our wedding...and our favorite Sister duo. This is the 3rd year now that we are photographing them for their Holiday card, and it's been pretty great watching them grow and change.

Here are just a few favorites so far...something different from the usual toddler/baby pumpkins you see around here.

Big sis, A! She is super talented, in theater, sings, dances...and a GREAT big sister.

Lil sis, E! Unbelievably athletic, charming, funny, beautiful...AND she can entertain Isaac like no other! It's like she understands his does A, for that matter.

Smiles! From Both!

Love, Love, LOVE this shot! It makes me happy :)

Ok, ok..we couldn't completely leave the "Diva/Supermodel" look behind, could we?

Love you girls! (And T&M too.) See you soon :)

We Survived! ~ Bay Area Children's Photographer

Friday, November 27, 2009

Day after Turkey Day! We survived...but are still recovering from the insane amount of F.O.O.D! It was fantastic though, spending time with family...baking pumpkin pies, fun times! And the weekend is far from over...So, not too many words today...

BUT, I had to drop by to share my last session! I met L, H and little M at Stanford for a family shoot a few days ago. M is 18 months old and has the sweetest smile I've ever seen. When she smiles, you can't help but smile right along with her ;) And mom and dad were fantastic...making my life easy by going along with all of my crazy plans!

L&'s just a little taste of what we got! Thank you for your patience and all the fun on Wed. You guys are great :)

The color! The Clothes! The Curls...LOVE!

Just Beautiful!

As all 18 month olds are...M was a climber/mover/scooter expert!

Such a stylish girl!

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend everyone!

Making Her Laugh - Bay Area Children's Photographer

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I love what I do. I love meeting new people, families...and capturing the love and interaction between them. Justin said something the other day which really stuck with me...He said "You do something that makes people feel good...You are capturing moments and creating images that will stand the test of time....that they will look at 20 yrs down the line and remember". He is right...and I feel lucky! In the spirit of Thanksgiving....Thank you to all the wonderful clients/friends who continue to make it possible.

NOW...on to the latest session with the sweetest little 18 month old in all the land! Little R was such a trooper. It was a COLD/crisp fall day but she stuck it out like a champ. Not to mention that her mommy and daddy knew exactly how to make their girl laugh...and laugh and laugh :)

J&K...enjoy your peek! I'm having so much fun editing your session...can't wait for you to see the entire gallery.

Oh how I love this family shot...

Make her laugh...told ya!

R has such a sweet little smile

The daddy lift...always a favorite

One of my favorite "mommy and baby" shots EVER

I might make it a new goal to capture a few of just mom and dad.. Beautiful.


A Colorful Life - Bay Area Children's Photographer

Sunday, November 22, 2009

You know, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when all these gorgeous Fall colors fade away! We, here in California, always complain about the fact that we don't have a "real" Fall season...and that everything is green...all the time. Well, dear Internet...I beg to differ. Our last few sessions have been SO full of color...just beautiful! You'll see :)

On Saturday, we met up with the "T" family at the ever famous Gamble Gardens (Yes folks, this location rocks...what can I say). Little C is just 15 months old but is fast fast fast! She's definitely a mover and a shaker...but what a sweetheart! Wait until you see these cheeks!

S&R, here is your sneak peek! J and I had a great morning with you guys...thanks for being such good sports!

What a little lady :)

The Family

Forgot to mention...the eyes! gorgeous :)

C, you are lovely!

Happy Turkey Week guys! Check back soon :)

Changes - Bay Area Photography

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Driving home today after picking up the little man at preschool...Isaac and I were looking for some good tunes to rock out to in the car, and guess what we landed on...Jingle Bells! It is not even Thanksgiving but the Holiday tunes are already on the radio...and I can't say we were upset. In fact, the entire way home we were remembering the words to our favorite Holiday Classics :)

Anyway, it made me realize that it was time to spice things up a bit around here...visually speaking of course. I loved my last header, but it was just way too Springy and bright! I think we are finally ready to accept the fall/winter/holidays/cold. Hope you guys like the new Winter look.

And because a post with a pic is just no fun...and because you, my dear friends..have not seen our boy in his rockin' motorcycle you go!


Beautiful P - Palo Alto Children's Photographer

Monday, November 16, 2009

When I saw mommy A walking towards me yesterday with a bag full of clothes..I knew we'd get along great! But little did I know...A was an ETSY lovin' mama!!! For those of you who don't know what Etsy is, I highly recommend you go check it out HERE! For all of you creative, fun Girls out's a really fun place to browse.

Anyway, yesterday I photographed the beautiful C family. We met at the Stanford campus, which for the first time...had some major significance! A&S met at Stanford...they got married in the Stanford Church AND little P was born at the Stanford hospital. Could there be a better location to photograph the family? I dont' think so :)

I first photographed little P in August during the big photo extravaganza (you can see her HERE)...and have been very much looking forward to seeing her again!

A&S, we had so much fun with you guys yesterday! Enjoy your peek....I am LOVING working on your gallery..can't wait to show you the rest!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! This has got to be the best dressed One yr old EVER!

Yep, the eyes are breathtaking

As I said, P just turned One, and A got her this gorgeous hat (also on Etsy). Too bad P wanted nothing to do with it...she did give us a couple of seconds before it went flying

Her favorite spot..on daddy's shoulders

Such a happy girl :)

Happy Monday friends,

A Mini - Bay Area Children's Photographer

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A mini session that is! The holidays are coming (obviously!) and a whole lot of people are trying to get that perfect photo for the perfect holiday card...including this sweet pea! Isaac's sweetheart, one of my very favorite subjects and a frequent visitor to our blog...Ms. C had a mini-session with me at beautiful Villa Mantalvo (WOW what a location!!)

And this little mini-session gave me an excellent idea! What if we do a mini-session marathon next holiday season? It's a great way to get some fabulous holiday photos without booking the full session! Something to think about for next year anyway :)

OK..onto the photos. Just a couple favorites so far...

Somebody started walking ;)

Time to sleep :)

Smile - Bay Area Children's Photographer

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So, what do you get when you combine a beautiful mama, a toddler with a smile that lights up the whole world...and blue eyes, like you've never seen before! Well, you get little R and his mommy H, of course! You might remember R from THIS mega-session a few months ago...and when H contacted me to set up a session for the Holidays...well, let's just say I was excited!

And R didn't disappoint...still just as sweet, still with the beautiful smile...and THOSE EYES!

H, here is just a little sneak peek! Can't wait to show you the rest :)

Scarf is from Baby Gap (I know there are a lot of mamas reading who'll want to know!)

Yes, the smile is amazing...but he's pretty darn cute just being

And one last one with the colors!


Little Man - Bay Area Children's Photographer

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a beautiful...and I mean BEAUTIFUL.. family of 3. You see, little N just learned to walk a few weeks ago...and I gotta tell you, it was the most adorable walk I've ever seen. A a little old man..I only wish my camera could have captured the movement...guess you'll have to take my word for it!

Mommy S and I have known each other for about 15 years..but hadn't seen each other in about 10 (numbers are approximate folks). So, I was super excited to catch up with her, meet her hubby and their adorable, sweet little boy. The session was a dream! Little man was a great model and mom and dad are pretty much GORGEOUS! They made my job easy...and hey, I'm not complaining!

S&E, thanks for driving all the way to PA today and being so fabulous!! Enjoy your sneak peek :)

I asked S if she had a particular shot she wanted me to capture...her response was "A shot of all of us...looking at the camera" ---BINGO

But hey, we know how to have some fun too! (This was Isaac's favorite pose he's way too big!)

One of the last shots of the day

Mommy asked me to bring some props...and I pulled out the ol' suitcase! I forgot how much I love that thing :)

Hello blue eyes

And last but definitely not least! all of us parents know..once the little ones come around, a picture of just mom and dad are rare and far I was so happy to capture a few of just S&E

Happy Monday!

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