"Life in the Bay" - Bay Area Photography Art Show!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey Guys! Some exciting news to share. We entered 2 photos into a local Photography contest. The theme was "Life in the Bay" - a black and white photo which reflected life here in the Bay Area.

One of our photos was selected and will be displayed in two location in Mountain View the entire month of October!

So if you love photography (and most likely, if you check this blog..you do)....go check out this fun exhibition: The locations are:

Sweet Corner
650 Castro St, #180
Mountain View, CA 94041

146 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041

And here is the big winner :)
J took this in San Francisco several years ago...

Allow us to Introduce....(newborn announcement!)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

...the newest member of our family!!!

You may remember, a few months ago..seeing this pretty lady (my Sis-in-law):

Well, that little belly is no longer :) and now, the litte guy is HERE!
Today is his one month birthday...and this is the first opportunity I've had to photograph him (sad, i know!)...i had all these grand ideas, but as most one month olds go, he had his own ideas...we did what we could...and he is beautiful!

here he is, Mr. N!

Sweet pea :) Breaking out of the swaddle...

Even though this shot was pretty underexposed and is super grainy, I love it because that's his Daddy (my big bro) to the right :)

My favorite :)

With his beautiful mama

10 fingers 10 toes (well, 5 and 5 in this shot)...and wonderful in every way :)

Beach Bums

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Have I told you how much Isaac loves the beach??? Oh yea, probably about 10 times :) But it's true...he does. California baby, all the way. Well, today...Isaac and I and his best buddy T, and his mommy, B all headed down to the Ocean. It was T's first time and you'd never know it! The kid charged towards the water like a surfer on a mission! Isaac did too....ahh, i love the beach :)

Here are a few from our adventure:


Look at him, no fear! Marching on....

MMMMmmmm, what's better then a juicy peach on a hot Summer (Fall?) day :)

Mr. Sandy Bum!

HAHA, this first shot makes me think of "Zoolander"...know what i'm talkin' about?

Just call him.....The next Monet

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

....or maybe the next Jackson Pollack, if his recent work is any indicator.

Here is what our little man has been up to as of late:

* He is talking up a storm, new words every single day, both languages. It's pretty amazing to see.
* He's learned how to do Goldfish kisses, and it's the sweetest thing in the world
* He loves to sing...especially with his baba (my mom)
* He loves swimming and goes all the way underwater! Mini heart attack for mommy every time
* He wakes up calling for "Papa" :)
* He knows all the letters of the alphabet and can sing the 'ABC' song almost by himself!

These are just a few things about our little guy, but really, words can't describe how wonderful he is. Seriously.

Here are a few shots of Isaac at his new hobby:



Seven Years Ago.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years ago today, my parents and I stepped off the plane in Marbella, Spain, having just flown in from New York’s JFK airport. We were in New York attending a wedding and visiting friends and family. The weddin was September 9th. We flew out of JFK around midnight on the 10th/11th. Our flight was delyed due to some rain. As always, New York was beautiful, exciting, and fun. A constant source of energy, life and culture. As always, we had the best time. I was between my Junior and Senior year at UCLA. Life was just beginning.

We stepped off the plane, and were informed by the car-rental woman, in very broken English that “Plane hit building in New York”. We had no idea what actually happened until we made it to the hotel and turned on the television. The headline was “America Under Attack” and “America At War”. There is so much more to say about this day, so many feelings and thoughts. I know everyone has that memory of “I was doing ______ when I heard the news”. But we will just say this: Today, our thoughts are with all those affected by the horrible tragedy of 9/11. We will never forget.

Though our photos from that trip were all hard-copy (and not scanned), here are just a few of my favorite City from one of our last visits.

The Met

From the car...

J took this of me at the Met. I've always loved this shot. I searched high and low to find the name of this painting by Pablo Picasso. But couldn't :( I'm assuming it's his first wife, Olga...though i'm probably very wrong. If anyone has any idea...please leave me a comment :)

Friends and Family

Thursday, September 4, 2008

This past week has been all about friends and family celebrating birthdays, spending time with family and friends. We hope you all had as nice a time as we did over your Labor Day weekend.

This morning, Isaac and I met up with Isaac's good buddy, J and his mommy and little bro, R. The boys had such a nice time playing..and i couldn't help but take a few shots of this adorable little munchkin.

Here is J, he is 2 years old and such a happy boy. He is talking up a storm and Isaac just loves being around him. And not only that, but he has some GREAT expressions :) which, of course, makes this photographer very happy.

Thoughtful....not sure what to make of the big black box in front of my face...

Aha! The scrunched-up nose grin! My favorite!

Serious! He's getting the hang of it now...

And we can't leave out the littlest member of the family. What do you think he is dreaming about?

One more....i just love this age..and they grow SO quickly.

And, even though these are not the best composition...I had to share the two little dudes playing/talking/hugging.

One more....Isaac and I at grandpa's birthday...captured by Daddy....

Wow, this was a long post! Enjoy the photos....and stay cool (it's like 99 degrees today and Isaac and I are going swimming!!!)

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