While we were waiting....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

...the other day for our clients to show up, J took the opportunity to walk around a bit and 'warm up'...check out these kick-ass shots he got :) Go hubby!

Some sun action!

Are you kidding me?...GAGAGORGEOUS...

This is me on the way home :)

One More....

Monday, May 26, 2008

of the cutie pie from yesterday. I think this might be my fav. so far :)...still lots to proof...

...And the Sun Shined Through!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

All day today, the weather people were promising rain...it was cloudy and overcast...and we were so worried we'd have to cancel our photoshoot scheduled for this evening. But NOPE! The sun decided to peak through! And boy, am I glad it did...because we got to meet and photograph this beautiful family (visiting from our old stomping ground...LA). Now before I share a few...i have to talk about what a sweetheart little "D" was. This is likely the most well-behaved 2 yr old i've seen. He didn't run (like some people we know)...he didn't fuss (like some people we know)....and overall was just a sweet, happy little guy. L & V, here is a sneak peak at a few from our session:

The whole Family :)

Some Daddy and 'D' fun

Blast from the Past

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hey All :) This is a pretty active Blog week for me :) Second post in just a few days....So, i'm sitting here, drinking tea and cleaning out our hard drive (umm, is that supposed to be one word?)....getting rid of all those random photos that never made it to the albums. This activity is WAY overdue, as we are running out of space, big time.

Anyway, look what i stumbled upon!

This is the classic "Isaac" face :) He was about 7 or 8 months in this photo. (Taken by daddy) How could this great shot slip by me back then?? I have no idea..but at least you all get to enjoy it now.

And here is the handsome devil, a few days ago. What do you think....changed a lot? Or not at all?

2 Girls, 2 Cameras and Wine :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Last weekend, I left my two boys at home for some Daddy and Isaac time, and took off with my girlfriend Julia to Napa Valley for a little R&R. Julia also enjoys photography and so we had a lot of fun playing with our cameras in the gorgeous rolling hills of Napa/Calistoga/St. Helena. It's been such a long time since i've been there...i had forgotten how truly magical that place is.

Here are a few shots from our day...the editing is a bit different on these....sort of glowing, dreamy like. But that's what Napa feels like when you're there...like a dream. I'm sure the wine helps with that feeling :)

Meeting the Neighbors

Monday, May 19, 2008

We live in California. And as much as we love this place, sunshine, palm trees and all that...you must admit that it's pretty rare when you get to meet your neighbors. At least that's the case for us...we pretty much just say hello and goodbye.

Well, this morning...while the munchkin was napping...i grabbed all the plastic bottles and opened the side door to the yard to go throw them out....took a step, looked down...

THIS is what I see

UMMMM, there is a TURTLE in our yard. WTH?

Now, any of you that know me, know that I am not exactly an animal person. And so, for a split second..."PANIC ATTACK!"...What am i supposed to do? Do I give it water? Can I touch it? Will it bite my finger off?? And this whole time, the poor turtle is staring at me through the window, probably thinking "what's wrong with her?"...

I call Justin, and in a freaked out voice tell him..."Umm, There is a, umm, TURTLE in our yard!!!!!!!! What do i do???"

to which he responds "OH, GOOD! Debbie will be so happy...the neighbor that stopped by yesterday looking for her" Yea, my dear, sweet husband forgot to mention that I need to look out for wild turtles roaming the premises. LOL.

Anyway, all turned out well for everyone invovled...The Turtle, whose name turned out to be "Mrs. Slowski" was quickly returned to her owners but not before I snapped a few photos.

Ok, i may be being a tad dramatic, but it was an unexpected moment...thanks for letting me share :)

Bring on the Candles!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Each birthday wish I've ever made really does come true. Each year I wish i'd grow some more and every year i do" ~Author: Unknown

So guess what Monday was.....that's right people! My birthday :) Cinco de Mayo....and what a great day it was. So much to be grateful for, and I am. I got to spend it with those I love and create great memories along the way.

As a result, I am feeling ultra giving :) and so V&J are running a little promotion: For any session booked within the month of May, you will receive a $50 credit to your session fee! (Now, the session doesn't have to take place in May, but must be booked in May...make sense?)

DON'T wait to take advantage of this offer...as it does not come often! The weather is so beautiful these days, it's really the perfect time to get your family portraits done. Check out our site (http://www.vandjphotography.com/) and email us with questions.
And i'll leave you with a few little details from my day:

My fav. flowers from my two boys:

The note from Isaac and J :)

And this one is from hubby... he did good :)

Sunday in Capitola....our family day...it was amazing.

His Smile....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

"These are the days we'll remember forever" ~ author; Unknown

His smile, just mealts our hearts. Justin always says it, and it's so true. These are just a couple of previews from his Mother's Day shoot....how adorable is this child??? Seriously, i mean, i know we are biased..but man, he's sweet. Again, the compressed quality is crappy, so click on the photo to view it larger.

Now let me quickly describe the scenario here: Imagine a 16 month old energetic little boy, a fresh bouquet of pretty flowers, a stool that's the perfect height to be pushed around, white paper backdrop...and a mommy holding the huge camera in one hand, keeping the kid in place, the flowers at the right spot, the backdrop from falling over, "Click...run...readjust..stick him back on the stool...click...run...etc..." As you can see...it was a workout..but so completley worth it. I LOVE how these turned out. And i'll never forget the shooting experience ;-)

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