My Boy and I

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It seems like it's been a little while since i've shared a few shots of our little man. And, of course, nothing can brighten up a day like the little dude. So this is a family post.

This morning, my boy and I decided to take a stroll bright and early (to beat this crazy heat we've been having). We left the stroller at home and just hit the pavement. Stopping every once in a while to smell the flowers or play with the to the kittens, and say Hi to the garbage men. We had a lovely time and got some nice shots along the way.

here is a little collage of what one can find in your own backyard...or in our our neighbors front yard.
Photobucket a rare moment of staying in one spot. I have to mention that the last few weeks he's gotten into an interesting habit of RUNNING AWAY FROM ME AT FULL SPEED! So imagine my surprise when he sat down and stayed there (for 10 seconds at least). So these were taken super fast...still cute though.

And hey, look at this! My boy and I :)....ok, so he is not actually this tall...and i had a ton of stuff on my pockets...but it's us, and i love it!

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