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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hi All! Ok ok...so a few wks ago I made this post about our new project: Wordless Wednesday!

BUT....unfortunately...I have too many words today to make it wordless! HA! That's usually the case....
Anyway, wait until you see the bed we ordered for the munchkin! I'll post some shots as soon as it's all set up :)

Ok...on to the photos....As I try to finish up my last few sessions, the blog posting has been a little slow. But, to spice things up....and at the request of E's mommy....here is another little peek at the lovely E. I'm thinking you all agree with me when I say this fabulous outfit deserved another blog post! :)

And there's the wagon....making its 3rd or 4th appearance....

And of course, Outfit #1! I love this shot.....i caught her in a moment....and the next second she was off running...and the dogs were stepping on me

Yes!!! Love this family shot

And a silly one :) Is there a child alive that doesn't love this? I know our dude does.

And finally.....towards the end of the session....sure looks like she's getting the hang of it..doesn't it?


1 comment:

yshmidt said...

The pictures look beautiful and the model is great, although I have to admit I am partial to E, she is my niece

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