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Monday, August 10, 2009

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! I'm here, I'm here! We've missed you all :)

Wedding, you say? What wedding :) Well...this wknd, J and I drove down to LA (for those that don't know...that's where we met...and that's where many of our friends still are). J was the Best Man at the wedding for Brian, who just happened to be our best man, btw. Not only was he J's best man at our wedding, but he also gave the famous "Speech"...which has been told and retold throughout the years...and truly was one of the best toasts at a wedding ever. SO, J had a lot of pressure to live up to (no stress)..but he did GREAT!!!

Anyway, enough chit chat...let's get to the good stuff!

(note: all photos taken with a P&S)

GGGGORGEOUS! She kinda looks like Grace Kelly here, right?

Love the guests faces here...

They love each other :)

It's sealed!

Those crazy kids....Mr. & Mrs. M!

And last but not least...though I didn't' get to try the cake (Thanks waiters for taking it away before we even sat down!!...it sure was beautiful!)

Congratulations Jocelyn and Brian...May your life together be long and wonderful...filled with happiness and love.

So there you have it folks...coming up next...a few shots from the beautiful UCLA campus..where we spent a good two hours walking around and saying things like "Hey, that's where we first kissed" and "That's where we saw the weird almost naked dancers in the fountain"...and then there was:

Me: I saw JAY LENO on my first day of class!!!!
Justin: I KNOW! You've told me that story 50 times :)

ahhh, good times we had! :)


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