His Smile....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

"These are the days we'll remember forever" ~ author; Unknown

His smile, just mealts our hearts. Justin always says it, and it's so true. These are just a couple of previews from his Mother's Day shoot....how adorable is this child??? Seriously, i mean, i know we are biased..but man, he's sweet. Again, the compressed quality is crappy, so click on the photo to view it larger.

Now let me quickly describe the scenario here: Imagine a 16 month old energetic little boy, a fresh bouquet of pretty flowers, a stool that's the perfect height to be pushed around, white paper backdrop...and a mommy holding the huge camera in one hand, keeping the kid in place, the flowers at the right spot, the backdrop from falling over, "Click...run...readjust..stick him back on the stool...click...run...etc..." As you can see...it was a workout..but so completley worth it. I LOVE how these turned out. And i'll never forget the shooting experience ;-)

1 comment:

Christina said...

I love seeing pictures of your son! he is just adorable! So expressive and he looks like he's quite outspoken too!

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