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Monday, July 28, 2008

So the last blog post was from J...(ok, you probably figured that out!). I'm thinking of having him be a featured blogger once a month...whatcha think? I thought some variety may be nice...not that you'd ever get tired of me blah blah blahing...about life, clients, photography, cooking, etc! But a male point of view may not be a bad idea (Hey, hubby...if you're reading better start preparing! pressure!)

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff....PHOTOS! :)

Pretty much every night when J gets home from work, he and Isaac wrestle on the floor in the living room..and then it's story time. Every night it's the same...J, in his work clothes (dress shirt, slacks, badge)..and Isaac in his work clothes (diaper, t-shirt)...lay together and read. It's a serously sweet moment...and i've wanted to capture it..and tonight, I finaly are a few:

The boys reading "I'll Always Love You"

Must Concentrate!

What's so funny?

Thought i'd throw in something random...i didn't mention it on here yet..but we've welcomed a second baby into our lives...a new Nikon Lens! It'll always come second to isaac, but we love it as one of the family :) Anyway, i was just playing around with my new toy the other day and thought this was kind of a fun shot...(by the way, this is the closest y'all are getting to a self-portrait!)

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Christina said...

Simply adorable! This remdins me that I should take some pictures of the kids listening to books.

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