Mr. Isaac's Neighborhod

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home!" author: J.H. Payne

So i've never seen Mr. Roger's neighborhood..i don't really even know what it's about. (A nice man who has lots of visitors??). Anyway, when i was thinking of a title for this post...the above seemed appropriate.

We live in a place called Sunnyvale. And yes, it's usually sunny here :) It's nothing exciting. It's not New York. It's not LA. It's not San Francisco. It's not so many other amazing beautiful places around the world. It's just our little town here in the Silicon Valley. And you know what ~ I think we are pretty darn lucky to live here. The other day Isaac and I took a stroll through our Downtown, Murphy Street. Here is a little collage of our adventure:


We've got your hookah cigar bars and cafes, we got your local whole-in-the-wall book shop where you can get lost browsing books that cost $1 and not $10, we've got the historic Del Monte building...your local belly dancing window display (complete with camels)..the neighborhood smoke shop and fun old locks. And this was all on one block. Hey, you know what..i take it back! Sunnyvale is a pretty rockin' place to lvie :)

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Laura said...

I can't believe you live in Sunnyvale. That's my old hood!!! I don't know that I knew that you guys lived there. When I saw that photo of the sign over that building, I stopped in my tracks. We used to walk there all the time. Love it. :)

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