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Thursday, July 10, 2008

MAJAH FACE LIFT! :) That's right people..something 'majah' (as my favorite Spice girl coined) is happening around here....our sweet little blogspot has had a big ol' face lift. So let's see...the Header is wider, the posts are wider...the sidebar is on the right and MOST IMPORTANTLY...the pictures are BIG! Yahooo....i gotta say, this is a big deal here....i've had so many people say "the pictures are TOO SMALL!". Well, after a yr of being lazy about it..we decided to customize a bit. And here we are. So what do you think? Should we roll with it?

Ok, what's a post without a few pictures right? So, on to the Family...
Isaac got his hair washed yesterday, Daddy dried it and then he went to sleep.

THIS is what he woke up with! Faux Hawk all the way :) I swear i did nothing to this gorgeous style...just clicked the camera. Maybe someone can explain to me however...why his bangs are stick straight down..and the middle is sticking straight up. Anyone??


And here is a case you were curious :)

Ok, you get the idea....mmmm, alright, one more!

Ok, and just because it's been a little are Isaac and I! :) obviously Daddy took these...and i love them!

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