Seven Years Ago.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years ago today, my parents and I stepped off the plane in Marbella, Spain, having just flown in from New York’s JFK airport. We were in New York attending a wedding and visiting friends and family. The weddin was September 9th. We flew out of JFK around midnight on the 10th/11th. Our flight was delyed due to some rain. As always, New York was beautiful, exciting, and fun. A constant source of energy, life and culture. As always, we had the best time. I was between my Junior and Senior year at UCLA. Life was just beginning.

We stepped off the plane, and were informed by the car-rental woman, in very broken English that “Plane hit building in New York”. We had no idea what actually happened until we made it to the hotel and turned on the television. The headline was “America Under Attack” and “America At War”. There is so much more to say about this day, so many feelings and thoughts. I know everyone has that memory of “I was doing ______ when I heard the news”. But we will just say this: Today, our thoughts are with all those affected by the horrible tragedy of 9/11. We will never forget.

Though our photos from that trip were all hard-copy (and not scanned), here are just a few of my favorite City from one of our last visits.

The Met

From the car...

J took this of me at the Met. I've always loved this shot. I searched high and low to find the name of this painting by Pablo Picasso. But couldn't :( I'm assuming it's his first wife, Olga...though i'm probably very wrong. If anyone has any idea...please leave me a comment :)


Jestina Steele said...

Hi there. I use to work with your husband Justin at EY. Before Justin left EY, he gave me a business card for the photography business. I check your blog every now and then because you take such awesomes photos (I mean AWESOME photos!) and Isaac is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. I like taking photos and your website inspires me. Please tell Justin I said "Hi"

A fan,

Here is info on the painting you were trying to find.

Veronica and Justin said...

Jestina! THANK YOU! and also thank you for the Picasso info! Justin says 'hello!'

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