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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So you know how they always talk about the 'terrible twos'.....Tantrums, Fits, etc...well, how come they don't talk about how AWESOME a two-yr old is in addition to all that stuff? Yes, sometimes the munchkin will flip out for a second (nothing that an explanation and re-direction can't quickly fix)...but also, things like this happen:

Conversation from a few minutes ago:(setting the scene...i'm putting dishes away, Isaac is in the living room playing with his cars)...runs into the kitchen and says:

Isaac: Mommy, Isaac is happy!
Me: Buddy, did you just say you're happy?
Isaac: Da, Isaac is happy!
Me: Awwe Sweetheart, i'm so glad that you're happy...i Love you
Isaac: Mommy, I love you....Nice to See you...

Runs back into the living room.

Oh man, how we love this kid!

(p.s. This photo is a little sneak peak from our photoshoot today for a certain holiday coming up (hint: All you need is love!)..more to come in a few wks

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