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Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey blog people! So you know how a few posts back I was going on and on about how our kid never acts out, how he is easily distracted and behaves himself....WELLLLL, let me tell you...we had a certain incident here at the house that is making me recant everything I said before. Yep, he is definetely showing his twoness (I know that's not a word...but you know what I mean). I will spare you the details..but let's just say it involved diapers...or the inappropriate removal of them.

You'd never think that this angel would do ANYTHING like what i'm talking about, right? :)

Also...I am almost done proofing our last session, which I'm loving more and more! And because there are so many great are just a few more to tide you guys over (T&L I'm talking to you!)


LOVE this! Little L is thinking "DAD, you're cramping my style man!"...

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Lucinda said...

We just love, love, love the pictures!!! Thank you for another sneak peak!!! L&T

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