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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well, we're alive. We're still around...but it has NOT been a fun week! Last week, out of nowhere...I woke up completely sick :( To the point where I had to reschedule photo shoots, and we had to cancel plans with friends that we had forever...GRRR, i caught some bug that would NOT go away. It didn't help that during the days, I had a toddler who was bouncing off the walls with energy..while all I could do was lay on the couch. Well, days go by...I'm starting to feel better and of course, the little guy gets sick. I was hoping he might escape my germs somehow...but alas, that was not meant to be.

SO, here we are...finally feeling better :) And before we get back to the client photos this weekend, here are a few of the energizer bunny at our local park the other day...he couldn't figure out why in the world we were taking pictures instead of heading to the playground...

Watching some kids play with their his face here

Looking at the same people (i have a picture of him from about 2 years ago....almost at this exact spot....I should dig it out for comparison)

Love the bokeh! (and my 85mm)

Oh, and this is kind of random but...a few wks ago, we had a big party for my dad (remember...his birthday!)..anyway, we surprised him with an Argentine tango...performed by yours truly! Here is a shot of the big curtesy of J! My instructor/partner was Juan De Dios of Arthur Murray fame. (Really, if you are ever thinking of taking some ballroom lessons, he's your man!)

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