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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today is a big day!!! It's J's bday :) That's right folks....we are celebrating a 30-something birthday you ask? taking our little dude to his VERY FIRST soccer class :)

I can't believe my kid is old enough to play soccer! When did this happen :) J took the day off today and was able to come with us, which was super fun..especially for Isaac!

Here is what he learned:

No Hands in Soccer
The Soccer Stance
Dribbling the ball (did you know they call it dribbling, like in basketball? i didn't)
And scoring the goal of course

I have a feeling he'll get really into least I hope he does! I'm ready to be the soccer mom. HA!

Flowers from grandma...

The boys :)

And finally, the future Beckham in training :) He's definitely cute enough....gotta work on the soccer skills though

Thanks for checking in guys :-) And feel free to leave some blog lovin' (i.e. comments). I bet J would love to hear your birthday wishes!!


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