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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ETA: OK you guys....where to start! So, as I'm sure you've noticed...the voting has been quite 'interesting' today. I really truly appreciate all of you that have come to our little ol' blog to vote for your favorite kiddo. We had no clue when we picked our 10 finalists that one of our clients was quite famous among the twitter crowd! And by famous, I mean thousands and thousands of followers! They very graciously let me know that they feel that the voting is no longer fair to the other contestants and offered to remove themselves from the contest to keep it fair for the rest of the group. (Thank you B family for being so wonderful through all of this confusion...and thank you to all the other finalists for being so understanding).

SO, let's start over from scratch, shall we? And let me stress again, ONE vote per person, PLEASE! I have closed the old poll and will have a new poll up for you tomorrow and the voting will commence then!

Is it October? OCTOBER??? This year has flown by....truly, I feel like we just welcomed 2009. Anyway, as you know...our famous V&J Blog Contest is LOOONG overdue. In fact, it's supposed to be a bi-annual contest and should have happened in July. It was a busy busy summer and before we knew it...we found ourselves smack in the middle of Fall! Oh Well :) Fall is my favorite season, and as I said in the last post....our boy is now a pre-schooler! AND SO...better late then never, yes??

Here is the scoop....we chose 10 favorite images from 10 various sessions over the last 9 months (since the last contest). This is always the hardest part. As you are well aware, we are lucky enough to photograph some beautiful, fabulous people...and so narrowing it down to 10 is pretty tough. But...with Isaac's help...we narrowed down our 10 finalist.

You can place your vote in the sidebar to the right. Only one vote per person please! So let's get the party started - send the link to everyone you know...Facebook...Myspace...Twitter.....and ask them to VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Now for the good stuff: The client with the winning image will receive an 8x10 Desk Portrait AND a FREE session for a friend!!! So if you are lucky enough to be a friend of one of our wonderful clients...let the campaigning begin :) Good luck everyone, we are so excited to see the results.The Polls will be open until 11pm Pacific Time, Monday, October 12th!












suzy l. said...

So many D1 babies, it's so hard to choose the cutest (although I have my favorite) :] Beautiful photos V & J

Isabelle Baeck said...

yep -this is going to be a toughie for all the D1 mommies ;)

Zoya said...

See what you started? You do know that #2 and #8 go to the same day care, right?
Btw, what's D1 baby?

Anonymous said...

Voting for number 9.

The GVZ's said...

D1 is Day One Palo Alto--several of us were in the same new parent class. Although #6 takes credit for referring the rest! :) Good work V &J!

Anonymous said...

Seems like #9 is going at incredible rates, which just seems somewhat not all that likely under normal circumstances. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like someone "Anonymous" is a sour puss ;) Maybe you should get a few people on fb or twitter to vote for your favorite too.

Anonymous said...

Sure, there's the "magic" of social networking, but somehow even that doesn't really just hold up the counter going up every few seconds and going from somewhere in the 400s to somewhere in the 800s in a matter of less than half an hour (after getting to 400s rather quickly too). Then suddenly essentially just stopping dead and only going up 1 or 2 counts over the next few hours. Taking all that, and considering that in a matter of minutes more votes were casted for one particular choice than in the whole last contest that was held over period of 5 days earlier this year, you have to admit, something did seem just a bit odd.

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