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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Lion, A Monkey and A Princess = ADORABLE!!!

Yesterday, the little dude and I met up with some friends for an early Halloween Celebration! You can't imagine how many awesome costumes we saw...a few favorites include,

A Toddler Elvis (white jumpsuit, sideburns drawn on)
A little Dorothy (not creative but super cute)
Tons of ladybugs, pumpkins and bumble bees
A few Dragons
Thomas the Train (this was Isaac's favorite)

But the cutest of all....were, of course...these three!

Isaac and the ladies :)

I'm sorry, but could her ears be sticking out any more perfectly :)

"we'll hug, but we wont look at each other...that's just too much, mom"

What a sweet face he has...definitely not a scary lion...a nice, kind and gentle lion.

A moment of reflection....or pondering how to open that chocolate bar he's holding


1 comment:

Shannon said...

OMG - love them, love them, love them! Isaac is the sweetest lion EVER!!! Thanks for the great pics, V!!!

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