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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

YES! I finally got a chance to photograph a girl! Those of you that read this blog know that it's been boys boys and more boys around here. Well, this morning I met the cutest, sweetest little girly girl! Ms. C is almost 3 months old and her Mama decided it was about time to capture this amazing time. Ms. C's Mama wanted to surprise her hubby with some beautiful photos for Christmas. What a fabulous idea :)

C is full of personality already and has the most gorgeous blue eyes (and you guys know how much I love those blue eyes!) We've already arranged a date with her and Isaac (yes, i know...older man).

S, here is your sneak peak....I am so excited to show you the rest....
J...You ROCK....thank you for all your help :)

Beautiful, sleepy the very end of the session

I just love her watermelon hat!

She loved this basket.....

Cuddling with mama

There is something about this shot that I just love love love! The way they are both looking at each other. That connection. Just gorgeous...

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