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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a great time we had tonight! I've been looking forward to this session for some time! And when mommy S told me that she couldn't decide on an outfit for sweet J because she had so many fabulous ones...well, i knew right then that she was my kinda gal!

My good friend Jen came along to help me this evening...and thank goodness! Because this little pumpkin can Run and Climb like no other One yr old I've ever met! Seriously..it's amazing...Isaac was barely cruising at this age! She definitely made us work for those smiles...but, boy were they worth it!

And a special shout out goes out to daddy J! Who was tortured by my camera against his will...but made the best of it and was a total trooper/baby wrangler/happy dude!

S&J...we had a blast tonight! Thank you for being such great sports! Enjoy your sneak peek! Can't wait to show you the rest...

Oh, that sweet smile!!!

Love, LOVE!

Quick Story...apparently the location where we were shooting is having a Halloween Party this evening. Well...we were wrapping up our session, the sun had set....all of a sudden..from around the corner we see a vision. We all look up...to see.... a Geisha strolling through the garden! (a 6 ft tall man dressed as a dead geisha carrying a parasol). YEP! I'm serious...he is slowly gliding towards us...and of course, little J, brave soul that she is, starts coming right towards him...as he passed us...in a VERY creepy and quite voice he said "What a brave little girl"...Yep, that's pretty much how we wrapped things up :)


Shannon said...

Absolutely beautiful - oh, and that quirky family, too! ;-)

Tara said...

I was browsing through your blog , saw this great looking family and thought, "hey, I know them"! I love the pic of mom & dad throwing J in the air. Mom and dad look so happy & you can see J's little baby legs and bloomers. Too precious!

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